COVID-19 Emergency Food Relief

Feeding hungry people during this world crisis

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No matter where you are in this world, try to find ways to help your neighbor, especially if you are blessed with sufficient food and relative health.

As I knew would be the case, we have been approached by many of the communities we support!  The government of Guatemala has closed borders, instituted social distancing, closed schools, cancelled all events where people would gather, and have issued the simple command to stay at home.  Many have lost jobs and have no way of supporting their families.

The people of Guatemala are suffering terribly.

Anyone that has traveled there knows how much the people rely on the hospitality industry and tourism.  Most people are day-laborers, and work is very hard to get.  Even basic needs, which were difficult to satisfy before, are now even a greater hardship.

There is a small population there (like here) that have hoarded all the food, hand sanitizer, masks, and over-the-counter medicines because they could afford to do so.  This leaves the majority of the population without food and without work.

Would you please join me in donating so that we can provide as much assistance as possible?

The funds are being sent to Iris Santander at the Backyard School, Pastor Jacob at Nuevo Revo and Diego Xirum to support the additional communities we serve in the Quiché department — including the Panimaches, Chujupen, Chucam and Chichicastenango.

Iris explains:  I can buy beans, sugar and rice per quintal and be able to give a little to each family, taking all the necessary precautions during delivery.

Diego suggests:  I will buy seed packets in bulk so that when we deliver food “for now” we can also provide healthy vegetable crops “for later”.