Backyard School

Catering to the educational and sustaining needs of San Bartolomé Milpas Altas

Guatemala Service Projects is no longer processing pass-through donations for Backyard School.  Please visit to direct support to the Backyard School.


“Ten years ago the Backyard School project began with the aim of fulfilling a dream that was to improve the future of many impoverished families in our community. We started without supplies, without support from anyone in our country. We looked for support but it was impossible. A local family lent me a small, grassy field to meet with mothers. I saw much need for education, work, food, clothing and opportunities. The Backyard School Project involves not only mothers, but the whole family. The Better Future sewing and bed project is for abandoned mothers and the domestically abused. This project will give opportunities so more children have a better life. There are many mothers who can not give children healthy food because they do not have what it takes to feed them.  If people support “The Better Future” project they will change the future of many children.”

—  Iris Santander, Director, Backyard School


Jennifer Demar, president of Guatemala Service Projects, met Iris and her family in 2015.  As part of a service team that year, Jennifer and her family donated a marimba to their musical education program, and general school supplies for the classroom.

Going forward, Guatemala Service Projects will be working with The Backyard School in more ways.  In 2019 we donated a 30-laptop computer lab at the Backyard School and in 2020 we funded a community garden.

We’re happy to be a mechanism for families and individuals to channel support to The Backyard School Better Future Project.  As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, we can provide a tax receipt for your donation!

And, if you could be so generous as to set up a monthly recurring donation, the Backyard School would be better able to manage their cash flow and commit to providing relief on a consistent basis!  Recurring donations can be made via the interface at the bottom of our home page!