Who We Support

Regions where our projects come to life

Guatemala Service Projects, Inc. is proud to support four key areas throughout Guatemala. We work with our associates and community contacts to plan and support numerous ongoing projects for educational development, food assistance, medical supplies and health improvement.

The department of Quiché Guatemala

Quiché Department

The core area for our projects, the municipality of Chichicastenango in the Quiché Department is one of the most vulnerable to poverty, limited education and malnutrition. It’s home to the K’iche’ Maya who, along with many smaller Mayan ethnicities in the area, experience severe social exclusion and poor occupational opportunities due to discrimination and geographic isolation.

Here, we have created and supported projects including elementary school libraries, technology laboratory, school equipment, student sponsorships, vitamin programs, sustainable family gardens, and clean water distribution.

How to Directly Support These Communities

We’ve cultivated strong relationships with local communities, schools and health departments to ensure that they directly benefit from our efforts.  Community leaders in the municipality of Chichicastenango have shared their visions for how Guatemala Service Projects can support them most effectively.

We’ve found the opportunities.  Now we can use your help to turn our visions into reality.