General Medical Fund

Assisting with medical equipment, supplies, clinics and patient care!


In March 2021 we visited the community of Panimache Quinto Bajo to celebrate the ribbon-cutting for a potable water project that we funded.  This project involved the trenching of land and laying pipe from the potable water source (nacimiento) to the central location in the community where families would come to retrieve the clean water for cooking and drinking, as well as an area for washing clothes at the community basin (pila).

It was during that trip that we decided to begin planning for the construction of a health clinic just up the road, adjacent to the school where we support students with a vitamins program and a library.


The clinic was completed in November 2021.  It has two examination rooms, a waiting area, a bodega and bathroom complete with shower.  The clinic will host visiting medical teams, doctors and nurses that make scheduled monthly visits to the remote area and will be available to the local midwife for tending to the needs of pregnant women.  Children will receive medical checkups there, and the overstock of children’s multivitamins and pre-natal vitamins will be stored onsite.


Health Clinic in Panimache Quinto Bajo


Although the community of Panimaché Quinto Bajo is well-supported with two community pilas and a medical clinic, our focus has now shifted to building the same clinic for our neighbors in nearby Panimaché Quinto Alto.  Please check out our appeal here:  PQA Clinic

Please enjoy this slide show of the process in building the clinic, start to end!

  • Patti Stewart-Garbrecht donated an infant scale to the local midwife and the rest was history!