We have a special Facebook group for people interested in joining one of our travel teams or researching that possibility.  Please feel free to connect with us there. Or, this page shows an overview of the travel teams that will be headed to Guatemala.  If you would like to consider joining a team, send us a message!

Available Trips

“Qué Chilero”:  July 12-21, 2024 (Find out more!) OPEN TO PUBLIC, $1595 per person (not including flight)

“3rd Time’s a Charm”:  October 26 – November 3, 2024 (Find out more!) OPEN TO PUBLIC, $1595 per person (not including flight)

Team Documents

What is Covered in the Trip Fee?

The trip cost shown is per person, and that is all-inclusive for your entire stay in Guatemala.
It covers the following:
* all meals
* all lodging
* all in-country transportation
* all tips
* all tourist attractions
* all tour guides
* one donated item per family (chickens, water filter, bed, stove, etc.)
It does not include:
* your flight
* the meals you eat in airports on the way there or back
* snacks and personal items you buy from tiendas
* souvenirs
* side ventures you make on your own (using the buddy system!) that are not on the itinerary

Please Note the Following:

1) We have a team manual and document packet for those interested.
2) If there is a mask mandate still in effect in Guatemala or by the airlines at the time of our travel, all members must comply.  (Nothing is currently mandated.)
3) Every travel team member will be welcomed, respected and valued so that your trip will be memorable and rewarding.  While the primary purpose is to benefit the people of Guatemala, we’ve built in some activities for relaxation and fun.  Also, be prepared for some of your most enjoyable experiences coming from serendipitous encounters with the families, children, artisans and community leaders we meet.
4) If you have professional skills or talents that we can use on our trip, we will make every attempt — you will make us a better team!
5) If there is an activity that you would prefer not to experience, for any reason, you can stay back at the hotel. No pressure!
6) There is no requirement that you do additional fundraising for the nonprofit, or to collect donations to transport in your suitcase, but if you are able and willing, we can share recommendations. The more people you “serve” in Guatemala, the better your overall enjoyment and feeling of satisfaction. This trip will change your life forever!
7) The youngest member on one of our travel teams was seven years old at the time. Children are welcomed to participate. You know best whether they would enjoy both the tourism and service aspects.
8) We prefer team sizes below 15 people to keep our trips more quaint, manageable, and for better logistics.