This page shows an overview of the travel teams that will be headed to Guatemala and a way to channel donations to the specific groups.  If you would like to consider joining this team, click on the Travel Group link after the trip dates.

October 30 – November 8, 2020 (Find out more!)

SCOPE:  This promises to be a fun an exciting group, likely reaching our desired capacity of 18 people.  If you’re considering this as a travel option, don’t delay!  We will be there during Day of the Dead and will celebrate by respectfully watching how families celebrate in the cemeteries and watch with awe and admiration how the barriletes were crafted at the Giant Kite Festival in Santiago Sacatepequez.  Our trip tentatively includes the delivery of water filters to Santiago Atitlan, libraries for two elementary schools in Panimache Quinto Alto and Bajo, and medical donations to the bomberos in San Bartolome Milpas Altas. We also plan to set up and train youth in a new bicycle repair shop at Nuevo Reto and again, reusable diapers and menstrual kits will be distributed in the communities we serve.

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