Our Mission

Guatemala Service Projects provides resources to improve health, nutrition and education outcomes of impoverished people in Guatemala.

Our Projects Are Changing Lives and Outcomes

We work directly with community leaders who tell us about their most pressing needs. We then collaborate with them to plan, fund and deliver projects to meet those needs. Each project jumpstarts improvements and provides a clear vision for brighter tomorrows.

We build community libraries to provide much-needed educational materials to schools.

We create community gardens and deliver livestock to create sustainable sources of nutritious foods.

We fund water projects to bring clean water to communities lacking in water resources.

We provide educational sponsorships to keep kids in school and relieve families’ financial burdens.

You Can Make An Impact

Your $75 donation is enough to provide one family with five chickens and a six month supply of feed.

Your $170 donation can provide a high-efficiency, clean burning stove improve respiratory health and drastically reduce cooking expenses for an entire family.

For as little at $25 a month, your donation can fund the education of an elementary school child.

Please consider joining us in our efforts.

Our projects deliver resources directly to the communities that we support.

  • Laptop donations at Backyard School
    30 laptops were donated to the Backyard School in San Bartolomé Milpas Altas