Chujupén Potable Water Project

Supporting the delivery of clean water to a Guatemalan highlands village

There is a group of individuals from the indigenous community of Chujupén, Guatemala, a part of the Quiché department just northeast of Chichicastenango. These individuals form the official committee called “El Comité de Operación, Ampliación y Mantenimiento de Agua Potable”.

In English, the name of the 240-member committee (serving 327 families) is “The Potable Water Operation, Extension and Maintenance Committee”.

The community of Chujupén does not have “potable water” to supply all the members of their community — in other words, the supply of clean drinking water is not enough to satisfy the total number of people living there.

The word “Extension” is also very important in their committee name! This project involves the laying of 14 kilometers of pipe from the community with the water source (Chicua Tercero) to the community where the water tank will be, Chujupén.  If you are familiar with Chichicastenango (known for having the largest outdoor market in Central America) here is a map showing the proximity of Chujupén:

The scope is large, but the engineers are ready and able to oversee the steps in the process.  The committee will continue going from home to home in their community asking for small donations from each family that would benefit, but at that rate it would take centuries to raise the money.

Guatemala Service Projects will continue providing support, and the committee will continue laying pipe as funds to do so become available.

Here are some photos the committee has provided.  If you have contacts in corporate America that would like to be a part of the improvements to this committee and its members, or if you know of Rotary Clubs that would be interested in giving access to clean water for a needy village in Guatemala, please share this link!  Together we can!