The next time you visit this Quiché mecca, please support Chichicastenango businesses. Our travel teams benefit from their excellent customer service. In some cases, the entrepreneurs in our economic development program operate these establishments. Therefore, you can uplift the economic health and diversity of a community by patronizing these establishments and know you are going to receive excellent service! Also, it is another way to help the community build from within and sustain growth for all living there.

Why are we emphasizing Chichicastenango commerce?

The mission of Guatemala Service Projects is to improve health and education for the indigenous Maya people. Specifically, our area of focus is the municipality of Chichicastenango. We work with community leaders to plan and implement projects that will have a long-term sustainable growth trajectory.

Part of the root cause of poverty in Guatemala is lack of opportunity for the people there, and this includes access to education, healthcare, clean water, sufficient food, land, etc. Locals certainly have the fortitude and resilience to take advantage of opportunities. Therefore, because Chichi is a commercial mecca (for both locals and tourists) it makes sense to bring as much economic support to this community as possible. In fact, with a thriving business climate, the people of Chichicastenango become more self-sufficient and able to individually provide more of the resources they need for sustained growth.

In reality, it’s a partnership we have. So, support Chichicastenango businesses!

Chichicastenango – a Tourist Destination

Many people visit Chichicastenango every year. In addition to being a commercial and cultural hub for the Quiché department, there are many things to do and see. Unfortunately, visitors try to fit all of what Chichi offers into a day trip. We say, “Stop, and stay awhile!” Support Chichicastenango businesses! Also, eat at the wonderful restaurants and visit some lesser known destinations! If you stay longer than a day, stop by Hotel Mayan Inn! They will treat you like family, an honored guest, and light your fireplace at night.