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EMERGENCY FOOD RELIEF DURING COVID-19 QUARANTINE:  Without tourism and the ability to work, many families are struggling even greater than before.  Some families literally have nothing to eat.  We are channeling funds to our community partners to purchase food in bulk and deliver portions to families, either in smaller batches or in full meals that have been prepared for them.

CLEAN BURNING AND FUEL EFFICIENT STOVES:  We are partnering with Chispa, a Guatemalan manufacturer of estufas/stoves and providing all 68 families in Panimache Quinto Alto and Bajo (the same community as our vitamins program) with a stove that will not only improve respiratory health (no open cook fire) but also save money on the acquisition of firewood, because it uses so much less.  Each stove is $170, and with 62 more stoves to provide, our budget is $10,540.  This may take a couple years, but we’ll get them!  🙂  Update!  Only 52 more stoves are needed now!

WATER FILTERS:  In communities where there is not potable water, individual families rely on boiling water or a water filter to remove dangerous contaminants from the drinking water supply.  A water filter is the easier of the two methods, as it does not require the expense of firewood to boil the water.    Ongoing need!

CHUJUPEN POTABLE WATER PROJECT:  We are a small fish in a big pond on this project!  The community of Chujupen, in the Quiche department of Guatemala, has a $100K project to extend the potable water to all residents in their community.  It is our goal to keep funding to this project until it is complete!  We’ve raised just over $11,000 so far!

SUSTAINABLE VITAMINS PROGRAM:  There are 68 families in the two neighboring villages of Panimache Quinto Bajo and Panimache Quinto Alto.  For the first year of our sustainable vitamins program, our goal is to provide daily multivitamins to all children 6 and 7 years old, as well as expectant mothers.  As time goes on, and more support for this program is realized, we will increase the range until eventually all school-age children will benefit.  Factoring only first grade students and expectant mothers, our budget is $4000.  This is an ongoing project, and although we raised the $4,000 to cover 6 and 7 year olds and expectant mothers, we want to be able to provide for all children 6-15 on a yearly basis.  Therefore, much funding is needed!

STUDENT SPONSORSHIP:  Education is key… a critical need to break a cycle of poverty.  There are roughly a dozen children that desperately need sponsoring.  If you can help with fees on a monthly basis, please consider it!  Based on the grade of the student, fees range from $25 to $80 dollars per month, or $200 per month for a university student.

MISCELLANEOUS:  During each service trip, we donate medical supplies, school supplies, food, hygiene items, etc.  And, because of our experience with donating libraries, we’re always on the hunt for Spanish language books to take with us in checked luggage!

If you want to CLAIM a project for yourself, and raise funds to help us, see our full needs list!