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BACKYARD SCHOOL COMMUNITY GARDEN:  Building on the wonderful success of our first community garden at Nuevo Reto last year, we are repeating our efforts to provide vegetables and egg-laying hens to the Backyard School in San Bartolomé Milpas Altas under the direction of Iris Santander.  The total budget for this project is $2000.  The hens are roughly $10 each.

SCHOOL LIBRARY & PLAYGROUND:  For the Colegio Evangélico Alfa y Omega school in Santiago Atitlan, we will be sending funds for a local carpenter to build book shelves and shoe cubbies for a carpeted library and reading room.  We will also be providing two large pieces of playground equipment for the K-8 school.  Books to stock the shelves will be brought primarily in checked luggage during our March 2020 visit, but we plan to acquire a few titles locally.  The budget for the library is $1700 (which has graciously already been covered by a single donor) and we have to raise $2700 for playground equipment.

CLEAN BURNING AND FUEL EFFICIENT STOVES:  We are partnering with Chispa, a Guatemalan manufacturer of estufas/stoves and providing all 68 families in Panimache Quinto Alto and Bajo (the same community as our vitamins program) with a stove that will not only improve respiratory health (no open cook fire) but also save money on the acquisition of firewood, because it uses so much less.  Each stove is $170, and with 62 more stoves to provide, our budget is $10,540.  This may take a couple years, but we’ll get them!  🙂

WATER FILTERS:  We are partnering with TivaWater, a US-based company from Knoxville, TN that has operations in both Uganda and Guatemala, as well as Guatemala-based contacts of Diego Xirum and Jose Miguel Yllescas Juarez for the implementation of this project.  Initially, our goal is to provide 30 families in Santiago Atitlan with a filter, so at a cost of $130 each, our budget is $3900.

CHUJUPEN POTABLE WATER PROJECT:  We are a small fish in a big pond on this project!  The community of Chujupen, in the Quiche department of Guatemala, has a $100K project to extend the potable water to all residents in their community.  It is our goal to contribute $5000 to this project!

SUSTAINABLE VITAMINS PROGRAM:  There are 68 families in the two neighboring villages of Panimache Quinto Bajo and Panimache Quinto Alto.  For the first year of our sustainable vitamins program, our goal is to provide daily multivitamins to all children 6 and 7 years old, as well as expectant mothers.  As time goes on, and more support for this program is realized, we will increase the range until eventually all school-age children will benefit.  Factoring only 6-7 year olds and expectant mothers, our budget is $4000.

NUEVO RETO:  Nuevo Reto is a transitional home for older youth in Villa Nueva, Guatemala.  Jacob and Ada Castillo, directors of Nuevo Reto, tend to the community by offering meals, sponsored education, vocational and life training, love and support to all ages, with a concentration on youth.  Spiritual growth, English-language classes, and a recently implemented community library and garden all add to their impact!  They have various ongoing needs, including water delivery, a printer, metal doors for their training workshop rooms, roof repair, additional egg-laying hens and chicken feed.  The budget for all things combined is $1755.

MISCELLANEOUS:  During each service trip, we donate medical supplies, school supplies, shoes, food, hygiene items, etc.  And, because of our experience with donating libraries, we’re always on the hunt for Spanish language books to take with us in checked luggage!