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In August of 2017, we are traveling to rural Chichicastenango, Guatemala (a small village called Canton Rio Camanibal) to build a library for an elementary school of 150 students and then stock it with books.  During the same trip, we will also provide the students with their first exposure to any technology in the classroom with 25 kids tablets and one PC for administrative use!  And, we will also be installing water filters and high efficiency wood-burning stoves before making contributions to the Elderly Feeding Center and Charlie Gomez Medical Clinic at Mayan Families!

The budget breaks down this way:

  • $7,416.00 for the elementary school library and technology
  • $1,860.00 for ten stoves
  • $1,210.00 for ten water filters
  • $    360.00 to sponsor the education of one child for a year
  • $    500.00 to Mayan Families Elderly Feeding Center
  • $    500.00 to Charlie Gomez Medical Clinic

If you do not select a giving opportunity listed but would still like your donation to be used towards one of the stated needs, feel free to let us know!  We welcome donations of any amount, and even if you can’t fund an entire item, we can pool your donation with others!  Thank you!

All projects that are organized and funded by Guatemala Service Projects Inc fall into the category of Health or Education.  The giving opportunities on this page reflect the project that we are fundraising for right now.  In the future, individual donation opportunities might provide student sponsorship, the purchase of chickens or goats (a protein source for a diet that usually consists of just tortillas and beans), medical supplies, mobile surgical clinics, or other projects related to the health or education of indigenous Guatemalan children and families!