UNO Guatemala Shipping Expense

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UNO GuatemalaThe moment we have all been waiting for is finally here!  The UNO Guatemala cards are finally on their way from Guatemala to the United States.  Right before Christmas time 2019, we started advertising these cards as a fundraiser for our nonprofit work.  The proceeds were supposed to benefit our vitamins program for elementary school children in Panimache Quinto Alto and Bajo, which is half way between Panajachel and Chichicastenango.

Our travel team was scheduled to go on March 18th and would bring all 950 decks home with us in our luggage.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 had something else in store!  We had to postpone our trip…  We also chose to divert the funds from the vitamins program and instead use the proceeds from the fundraiser for emergency food relief.   People in Guatemala are really suffering during this crisis that is affecting so many people worldwide.

Not knowing how long it would be before anyone got to travel to Guatemala, some people that bought the cards suggested that we ship them and ask for others to help offset the charges by chipping in.  If each person paid the prorated amount, it would be a burden easily shared.

I’ll start with the good news!  The boxes of UNO cards have left Guatemala and are now on their way!  They are scheduled to arrive next Wednesday, the 22nd.  Yippee!!!

The bad news?  My shipping fee was $1438.30.  That’s a lot of money…  But, if everyone chipped in enough to pay $1.51 for each deck they ordered, it would be covered.  I know that not everyone will chip in.  But, I also know that many will chip in more than their share.

Of the 40 people that have chipped in extra so far, that represents 68 decks purchased and I have collected $341.75 in additional shipping offset.  That’s just over $5 per deck!  Thank you!

NOTE:  You do not *have* to chip in.  I will still honor the price you have already paid.  However, if you’d like to chip in, that would be VERY MUCH appreciated.  And, if we happen to collect more in “chip ins” then any extra will be added to our food relief efforts!

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