Consignment Fundraising!

Thanks to a wonderful suggestion, we have decided to try something new when it comes to community participation and fundraising events!  The idea is this… when you have gently used furniture, home decor, clothing, accessories, sporting goods, collectibles, etc., check to see if there is a consignment shop willing to sell them for you.  When you go in, create an “account” under the name Guatemala Service Projects and ask that proceeds from any sales are donated to the nonprofit.

It’s easy!  You don’t have to do any selling, just offer things for the consignment shop to sell for you!

This can be done anywhere, in any part of the country.  Once you have the “account” set up for the nonprofit, tell all your local friends to also donate to that same shop, or go their to shop!  The consignment store loves the advertising and our projects in Guatemala love the donations! 

This would be a great fundraiser for a church group or extended family, but is wonderful even on an individual level if you didn’t want to organize something large.

NOTE:  Not all consignment shops may accept the things you want to sell, but if they specialize in something you have, it is a win-win-win.  If you decide to set one up, please notify us so that we can help you promote and bring exposure to the consignment shop and the opportunity for impact!

Vitamins Drive!

Between now and October 15th, we are accepting vitamins donations to take with us to Guatemala.  These are what is desired:

  • children’s multivitamins (gummy or chewable) — expiration date must be 1/30/2021 or later
  • prenatal vitamins — again, expiration date must be 1/30/2021 or later

Rummage and Perennial Plants

I’m sorry, but we have had to cancel our rummage sale due to social distancing.

Past events:

  • Hunger Banquet
  • Charity rummage sales
  • Culver’s Night
  • Piggly Wiggly Brat Fry
  • Jade fundraiser
  • OJWC Artisan / Holiday Bazaar
  • Qdoba fundraiser
  • Hearing and Vision Clinic