Support Music Education in Guatemala

Music touches the heart and soul of a student, creating a lifelong love for learning.

Read below how we can help this young school marching and performance band in Chichicastenango Guatemala.  Then return here to make a donation.  Thank you.  Gracias.  Maltiox.

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Let’s Support Music Education in Guatemala!

(Submitted by nonprofit president, Jennifer Demar…)

As I was leaving Chichicastenango recently, there was a school-based regional band competition that was just coming into town for the competition. One of the schools participating is right in Chichicastenango (the part of Guatemala that the nonprofit supports) and we have some kids in our scholarship program that attend that school. Knowing how sad I was to be leaving before the competition, one of the parents told me he would send photos and videos of the kids at that school. I was so happy to hear that they won second place!

The Benefits of Music Education

The focus of our nonprofit is health and education. I feel (through personal experience and that of my kids and their band/orchestra opportunities) that music education is so important and contributes so much to inclusion, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, etc. These are all great values to instill in the students supported by our scholarship program. So, I decided to reach out and ask what the needs were of the band program. I received a list of desired equipment, which includes 18 pieces of percussion (bass drums, snare drums, tri-toms and marching bell lyres — which are pictured at right) and drum heads and straps and drumsticks and mallets. Everything altogether comes to only $3500, and I’ve already received an offer of $1000 to help.

Involving Lovers of School Band Programs

I’m hoping that I can get enough others interested in helping spread the word and get the balance raised. I’m thinking that Tri-M (which is the music honor society) students might want to earn some service hours by doing simple fundraisers. Or, maybe there are other options that interested parties (such as yourself) might have as alternate ideas. I’m just so excited to be able to support their efforts.

This video is of the band/school we will be supporting. This is the performance that won them 2nd place. It is a school in Chichicastenango.

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