Guatemala Service Projects has been proud to partner with Nuevo Reto over the years.  Through donations, we’ve been able to fund both their library and community garden, as well as contribute to the success of their vocational training and feeding programs through donation of carpentry tools, a large stove and tables/chairs for the meal program, as well as plates, cups and utensils for 125 people.

Their needs are ongoing, and their desire to make a large impact is obvious.  With your support, we can help them continue to make a difference.  After the donation options provided, feel free to review our history with Nuevo Reto and see photos of their services in action at the bottom of this page!


Special instructions:


If you would prefer a one-time donation, there are many choices available.  I will list them below.  You can choose based on a specific need listed, or give a custom amount.  Please give whatever you can.  And, if you feel compelled to donate just a bit more to cover donation processing fees and wire transfer fees (what we incur to receive and send your donations) that would be very much appreciated!  Please send a comment with your donation telling us how you would like the money used.

Here are some blog posts detailing our on-site visits to Nuevo Reto…

Donating a wood planer to the carpentry workshop

A new community library

Planning for the community garden

Here are some photos from our past projects!