Next Steps

After having found activities and approaches that “work”, we want to expand our reach and involve a larger amount of youth at risk.  We want to continue with both isolated individual interventions as well as organized group activities.  We will encourage Lehster and Pedro to branch out and share their experiences and perceived benefits to attract more kids to the project.

We also want to introduce more sports to the leaders and new participants of the Project and acquire more sports equipment, especially those that are more difficult to get in Santiago Atitlan, like roller skates and life jackets.  When surveyed, these are the sports that were favored:

We will continue the mental health support to the leaders and new participants to increase their self-esteem and to encourage good choices for the future in their educational and personal lives.

We’re pleased to share a photo showing many of the youth we’ve supported.  Please note, at the request of certain individuals, some faces have been blurred.


Guatemala Service Projects is no longer processing donations for OSDIFGUA ONG or the work of José Miguel and Maritza.  To support their work, please make a donation to Madison Adoption Associates at the following link: