Education is KEY to a secure future.  When you speak another language, you automatically have more opportunities, a greater circle of influence, and the ability to dream outside the box.  For these reasons, we have worked hard to provide those type of opportunities.

English Classes

Our nonprofit works in Chichicastenango Guatemala, a municipality containing over 90 communities. 97% of people there speak a Mayan language called K’iche’, while roughly 2/3 also speak Spanish, the official language of Guatemala.

Chichicastenango is a cultural mecca and as a result often has an influx of tourists, especially on Thursdays and Sundays which are market days. Being the largest outdoor market in Central America, flocks of tourists come to experience the cultural splendor and wide variety. Being able to speak English gives the residents a marketed advantage in the hospitality and tourism sectors. Moreover, the ability to speak English is also a huge advantage for any students studying business, finance, foreign relations, industry or technology.

One of the students that has gone through our scholarship program has also become a fluent English speaker and is now co-teaching an online English class to help youth and adults acquire the language. In addition to paying him a fair wage, there are expenses for teaching aids, classroom materials, books and incentives.

Please consider being a part of this educational process!

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