10 Bucks a Cluck

When chickens are gifted to a family in Guatemala, it means:

  • Better NUTRITION
  • Source of INCOME
  • HOPE for the future!

For $10, about the cost of one meal at your local restaurant, you can add protein in the diet of those suffering from malnutrition, help a mother provide for her children, and give HOPE to a family in Guatemala.  Win, WIN, WIN!


Want to have more impact?

We will be starting each family with five chickens — four hens and a rooster.

  • $10 provides one chicken
  • $50 for one family (five chickens)
  • $75 for five chickens and a half year of feed

Buy a chicken — how original is that!!!  It will make you feel good, it will make them feel good, and it will make a huge impact in Guatemala!  PERFECT for a:

  • teacher or co-worker
  • secret sister or secret Santa
  • white elephant

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