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To those that have supported this project:  there is a wonderful update!

Context & Opportunity

Guatemalan youth in social risk carry with them an exclusion and abandonment stigma.  Neither in private or public shelters, nor in biological or enhanced families, these youngsters do not have opportunities for self-sustained, integrated human, social and personal development. Youngsters inside the protection system, according to their ages, have very few or no opportunities at all to be integrated into a family willing to adopt them. This young population is naturally integrated in biological or enhanced dysfunctional families or may be living on the street and at risk of being recruited by gangs recruiting young people.  With high unemployment in the country, they become a social issue, evident and in the rise. The future context related to this population is not favorable given the high birthrates, and to the high numbers of the young population in this country. Actually we are watching how young people risk their lives and family to follow “the American Dream”, that is no longer a dream, but a nightmare.

This project is based on a human being’s capacity to overcome adversity by a program of sports and psycho-social intervention that will bring youngsters technical and emotional skills that will let them live to be grownups with the possibility to be integrated in a positive way to an excluding, unfair, dysfunctional and polarized society.

General Objective

To bring opportunities of a self-sustained, sports and psycho-social development to youngsters in social risk in ages between 13 to 17 years old, for their effective integration to a productive society by the time they turn 18 years old. Living in Santiago Atitlan and surroundings.

Specific Objectives

  • Teach sports with competition ethics and discipline. (Soccer, basketball, swimming, rollerskating, tennis)
  • Give individual psychological attention
  • Teach technical and emotional skills to let them choose a way of living to achieve successful lives once they reach adulthood
  • Bring friendly non-imposed understanding on social and psychological subjects related to this population: gender and masculinity, sexual and reproductive health and human rights
  • Produce a psycho-social diagnostic of the population

Social Boarding

To diagnose needs and opportunities, youth within the project will be intervened by a team of social workers to evaluate a social context in which each individual unfolds: social and family networks, scholarship, background of conflict with the law, development opportunities in their environment, family dynamics, social risk and possibilities to become part of something where they could find a job to feel dignified and motivated, and to start or continue school.

Psycho-Social Approach

  • Human Formative Basis
  • Development of Multiple Capacities

Technical Approach — Youngsters will learn one or many skills useful for productive life

  • Wood Crafting & Farming (II phase)
  • Cooking & Fashion Design (II phase )
  • Self Esteem and Self Determination
  • English Language Instruction (II phase)

Emotional Skills

  • Willingness and Motivation

Duration: first phase will be 3 months.

Population: youth at risk of migration, addiction or teen pregnancy, available to boys and girls. No more than 20 participants.

Donation: $ 100 dollars per person for 3 months of project. (Phase I)