With each year since incorporating our nonprofit in 2016, we have grown considerably.  We have celebrated increased donations, and increased reach and benefit for the Guatemalan communities and families we serve.   Last year, almost every penny  went directly to the implementation of our projects in Guatemala. It was a phenomenal year and we are very thankful to all donors that made it happen.

All founding members of the organization remain as executive staff but we now have a board of five additional members!  All of us work to orchestrate the projects with help from Diego Xirum in Guatemala.  All eight of us are 100% volunteers and have full-time jobs outside the nonprofit.   Would you like to make contributions to our goals and join our board?

Before you answer “YES!” please read the bullet points below so that you have a clear understanding of the mission and responsibilities!  Also, please familiarize yourself with the officers and our current projects.


The nonprofit corporation, Guatemala Service Projects Inc, exists to provide resources to impoverished people in Guatemala.  We will plan, organize and implement service projects that improve the health or literacy of Guatemalan children and families.  Some examples of health improvements include installing high-efficiency wood-burning stoves that vent outside the home, installing water filters and providing training on their care and use, and providing vitamins to children and expectant mothers.  Some examples of literacy improvements may include providing schools with libraries or technology and giving assistance in the form of student sponsorship.


With Diego’s help, we identify needs in Guatemala, build relationships with trusted schools, Guatemalan NGOs and community committees, raise funds for those projects, implement them, and provide feedback to the donors along with analysis of the effectiveness of the projects over a period of time.  Occasionally we provide support for emergency needs or those with immediate relief, but it is important to implement projects that are sustainable, take advantage of local workers and resources, and are defined by the communities requesting them.

The founders travel approximately twice per year to witness projects and their benefit, build on the relationships already established, interact on behalf of the donors that supported the efforts, and to learn more about Maya culture so that we are better friends and supporters to those in need.  We offer to take other individuals on trips with us to provide a personalized “voluntourism” opportunity, to share with others the work we do, and to experience the beauty and charm of Guatemala and its people.


Communication and Group/Team Dynamics
  • Participate on quarterly conference calls, each lasting 1-2 hours in length
  • Set up a Facebook profile and “like” our primary page as well as offshoot groups (i.e. Student Advisory Board, Ties to Chichicastenango, Travel Groups)
Time and Effort
  • Commit to spending 15 hours or more per month (an average of 30 minutes daily) engaged with our nonprofit, working as an advocate to promote awareness and solicit funds
  • Contribute to discussions, make suggestions
  • Consider serving on a committee based on talents, experience or special interests
  • Consider traveling with us to Guatemala at least once (not required, but recommended) and encourage others to do so as well
  • Expect to become involved in some facet of raising funds for the organization
    • Take advantage of personal and/or professional networks to grow our nonprofit financially
    • Attend or help advertise online or in-person fundraising events
    • At least annually, make a personal financial contribution to the organization (of any size)
  • Suggest creative fundraisers that we haven’t tried before

At this stage in our nonprofit’s evolution, we are asking that all board members agree to serve as volunteers, just like the officers and founders.  After we grow to a size that allows it, we want to financially reward the efforts of all board members that help us to grow.  Until we achieve that growth, the personal joy and satisfaction from knowing you have made a huge difference to the lives of many in Guatemala is (in my experience) reward enough.  I hope you agree and that you consider joining us!  If so, please fill out the form below…