an opportunity to get Spanish books for free

Many of you know that we will be building and stocking a library for an elementary school in Guatemala next year. This school does not currently have a library, so our efforts will be deeply appreciated! My original goal was 300 books, but I think that number will be surpassed. Although we’re still a good 10 months away, I’ve already begun collecting and have 54 Spanish (or bilingual) books in my stash!

Do you have any Spanish or bilingual children’s books that you’d like to donate (or sell on the cheap)? The school serves children up to age 13, and I’m sure they’d be interested in any books targeting that age range.

KelloggsScholasticIf not, I came across another avenue this morning that I intend to follow. Scholastic is teaming up with Walmart to offer grocery shoppers an opportunity to earn free books after purchasing participating products: Hershey, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s and Smuckers. For every product from the list you buy, you get one free book, limit 90! When selecting your free book, there is a tab just for Spanish/bilingual so it’s easy to do!

If you buy groceries at Walmart, please consider doing this for us.…/Free-Scholastic-Boo…

10 more books for our library project

I must say that I am impressed by the speed...

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  1. Judy Devine October 5, 2016 Reply

    Hi Jennifer,
    I’m just starting to read about your plans, and I’m wondering….where do they order books from in Guatemala? I’m sure there are no publishers in-country, but maybe I’m wrong. Just curious, and many prayers for the success of the new library!

    • jennifer October 5, 2016 Reply

      Thanks Judy! I don’t know of sources in Guatemala. We’re taking the 500 (or however many we collect) with us in extra baggage. I’m hoping they can be equally distributed across everyone going and perhaps not be too heavy. Thank goodness for rolling luggage!

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