Are there really ever enough words to express thanks?

This picture shows the young men at Nuevo Reto using their brand new wood planer that we purchased for them.  They are in the process of making a set of 10 bunk beds for an outreach program they have called “Training For Life”.

A team of teachers and students from Vermont raised the funds to provide ten beds to Nuevo Reto’s local community.  Those funds were sent to Nuevo Reto for the purchase of lumber and materials, and when the team from Vermont travels to Guatemala, they will join Nuevo Reto in the distribution and setup of the beds in the recipient homes.

For Nuevo Reto, the wood planer was an especially welcomed blessing, as they were having to spend extra time and money to “farm out” the planing.  Their old unit was too small for the job, and often did not function properly.

The wood planer was actually not on our radar for funding, as we had already allocated the funds for a band saw — a tool that the young crafters use to make these beautiful Guatemala maps.  But, when the need arose for a new wood planer, the kids and Francisco, the man in charge of the carpentry shop, decided to delay that gratification and instead invest in the new wood planer.  While the map-makers were slightly disappointed, Francisco and the bed builders (who are also the ones that are making the bookcases for our library) were thrilled.

Pastor Jacob shared these photos on Facebook, commenting…

“You don’t know how happy our students are!  Thank you for equipping our carpentry shop!”

Later, in a private message, he thanked me again…

“We are so happy to have the new wood planer.  We don’t have words to say thank you.”

His words made me think, and I responded this way (paraphrased)…

“You do have the words.  You just used them.  You also silently used additional words when you shared the photos.  The fact that you are providing instruction, motivation and purpose in the lives of all those that use the wood planer is more thanks than you know.”

What do I know?  I know the warm feeling in my heart that comes from making improvements in the lives of others.  I know I am setting a good example for my children — instilling in them a foundation of service to their community, whether that community is local or global!  I know that I am appreciated, and for me, that knowledge is what motivates me to do more!

Nuevo Reto Community Library bookcases being built!

I also know that the wood planer will be used for the library furniture that we’re funding later this year.  And, although I always have the motivation, I don’t always have the funds — at least not enough on my own.  So, that is why I say “Thank You!  You don’t know how happy I am to direct your donations to our service projects every year.”

Or, do you know?  I hope you do!

NOTE:  If funds allow, we would like to still provide the band saw for the carpentry shop.  It is roughly $1,035 when purchased in Guatemala.

2 thoughts on “Are there really ever enough words to express thanks?

  1. Hello
    i was curious where you purchased the wood planer in Guatemala, and are you happy with the quality of the equipment? I’d like to arrange a similar purchase for a school near Antigua. Any help you can supply would be most welcome.
    thanks so much

    • Hello Roy,

      Thank you for your comment. I only sent the funds for it to be purchased, so I don’t know off-hand. I will get this information for you and reply as soon as possible!

      I did get to see it in action during my visit last month, and they have thanked me several times. But, I will get more constructive feedback for you!



      A little bit more in follow-up to my last comment… The director of Nuevo Reto mentioned that the planer is working very good. They (the young men in the carpentry workshop) are happy with it. It was purchased in El Vapor. This hardware store is located in Avenida Bolivar, zone 3.

      I hope that helps!

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