visiting the Backyard School

We left Panajachel this morning bright and early.  It was difficult to get ourselves up and at ’em.

Juan Carlos from Highland Tours was right on time with a clean and comfortable bus for our group.  We loaded our luggage and made our way toward Antigua, with a stop at Backyard School.  Most of us slept just a bit on the ride, so we missed some of the picturesque scenery from point A to point B.

And, unfortunately our visit at Backyard School was a short one.  We asked Juan Carlos if he would be willing to wait 30 minutes before continuing on our journey  We thought that would be enough time, but actually we overstayed by another half hour.

The first order of business was for Trent and Jill to get a tour of the Backyard School and see the room where the computer lab we donated would function.  They have used the laptops, but have had to put up and take down each time they wanted to do training because the rooms did not have windows, doors, or electricity.

Thanks to a very generous donation, they have now secured funding of $7,700 for doors and windows for the entirety of the second and third floors.  They also added electricity since the last time we visited!  So happy and grateful!

We also dropped off some personal items as favors to two of our supporters and dropped three suitcases full of reusable feminine hygiene products, compliments of the St Jerome’s sewing ministry.

The last task to complete during our stop at Backyard School is the donation of a hearing aid to a sweet, kind older gentleman that just happened to be Iris Santander’s father-in-law.  The look on his face was priceless, and Iris joked with him that now she didn’t have to yell at him any more.

Once our visit to the Backyard School was complete, we made our way on to Antigua.  Unfortunately, I felt like i was coming down with something and felt like I was extremely dehydrated.  I took a nap while everyone else went for lunch.  When I awoke a few hours later, I joined them for dinner but only felt somewhat better.  Not only because today was only partially “busy” but also because I want to catch up on my sleep, I’m going to cut this post short.

Follow along tomorrow when we visit with Sara and Bud Hudson, and tour Antigua.  We want to show Jill a good time, and provide some upbeat moments to offset some of the emotionally charged exchanges she has witnessed.

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  1. Jennifer, you do an outstanding job describing each day of your trip. You should print and publish it. Would any of us ever be so happy to win a bingo prize of a bar of soap? Can’t wait until the next episode. Ginny

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