Passing the torch and finding the arch

Since a few weeks before travel, I had been communicating with Sara and Bud Hudson.  Long-standing contributors to service projects in Chichicastenango, I felt like I had a lot to learn from their many years of experience.  They live in a town not far from us in Wisconsin, but it took a trip to Guatemala for an opportunity for us to really sit down and talk for an extended time.  Our paths had crossed only once before, in front of the artisan’s booth set up by a mutual Guatemalan friend when he was in the States as part of an educational cultural exchange program between the school in Chichicastenango and Rose Glen Elementary in Waukesha.

We met for lunch at a wonderful bakery not far from their hotel and enjoyed our visit immensely.  We heard some great stories about the time they spent 7 months living in Antigua and about some of their work with the school in Chichicastenango.  I was flattered to hear that they were following along with what Guatemala Service Projects was doing, and they even made a donation on the spot, which I thought was very sweet.  Thanks Bud and Sara!

Due to their age, they thought this might be their last trip to Guatemala.  I hope that I am as vibrant and vivacious as Bud and Sara when I turn 80!  I’ll get to make lots more return trips to Guatemala!

When our lunch and conversation were over, we split a loaf of banana bread “to go” and then stopped by Nim Po’t to buy some corte fabric and the most darling angel ornaments that we will be selling as fundraisers towards our August service trip.  I had the help of Sarah and Jill to find exactly the right pieces of fabric, while Scott and Trent looked for angels whose faces were the most descriptively painted and whose textile clothing was the neatest.  Please consider purchasing some of these to help us fund future projects!  I will be sharing photos of these goods when I return home.

Here are a few photos we took around Antigua today:

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