10 Bucks a Cluck

Who gives a cluck?  I did, and you can too!

We’re trying to raise enough money to provide 75 families each with five chickens (one rooster and four mature hens) and a bag of feed.  The chickens cost $10 each, so we thought “10 Bucks a Cluck” was a catchy way of drawing attention to the project.

The chickens provide better nutrition, potentially an income, and a sense of hope for a family in need.  That may sound cliche, but when I told Diego that we had already raised the funds to buy 9 chickens above the five that I personally funded, he sent me an animated GIF featuring an athlete that was totally pumped up and excited.  I joked with him that if he was that excited to hear about nine chickens being funded, I thought his (young) heart might not be able to handle the excitement of a larger donation!  His reply floored me, and really put things in perspective:

I’m sure you have no idea what $1 means to me… just to give you a feel “it means like a seed of hope to my people”

I am humbled once again by this man, our “boots on the ground” in Guatemala…

We have set up a page for donations just for this project:  http://www.guatsp.org/donations/10-bucks-a-cluck/

Please consider helping us provide those seeds of hope!

We have also created a little note card that you can print and give to someone as a symbolic gift (to them) as an honorary way to recognize that you donated a chicken in their name.  This may just be the way to provide a meaningful gift for a teacher, co-worker, etc.  Feel free to print it directly from this page!  (Click for a slightly larger version that you can save to your computer or print.)

I thought you might like to see what a donation means to a family.  Photos and video acknowledgement to Diego Xirum.  Thank you!

The gift of chickens, combined with our community gardens and vitamins programs all combine to help improve nutrition in the communities that need all the help they can get.  Thank you for your help!

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